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Transformers Games online

Transformers Games Online

Transformers games have a background of 2007 live action film that is, transformers. It was available in North America in June 2007. There are multiple developers of the game including Traveller’s Tales, Nintendo DS, Vicarious Visions, PlayStation Portable and Savage Entertainment. Traveller’s Tales made the home console and PC versions for PlayStation 2, Wii, PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. There is another different version was made by Savage Entertainment that is, PlayStation Portable Version. There are several version of transformers games online that is, Transformers Decepticons and Transformers Autobots which are built by Nintendo DS. Vicarious Visions tried to adapt this version and separate them into two different games. Autobots consists of heroes and Decepticons follows the villains. These games share some basic similarities but they have unique characters. Their missions and locations are also different from one another.

The Game-Play of Transformers Games online:

Transformers games are the  third person action shooter games. The robots consist of five almost five attacks. For example, the character has light and heavy weapons. They also have the ability to throw objects including cars and trees. You can also use the sword as a weapon. When you go through its title you will find the meaning. The robot can change itself into a vehicle and vice versa. The character is given this racing element because of the need of the game. In some missions, you have to race because the time is short in these stages. The player has to win it before anyone else does it. The area of the stage is like an open world. After completing missions, the player can unlock photos and color schemes for characters.

Transformers games Online at PC and Consoles:

These transformers games have the same features including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. After completing several missions, Optimus Prime and Megatron characters will available including G1 color schemes for Optimum Prime, Starscream and Jazz.  You can also turn off and on these features in the bonus menu. Downloadable content was available, on January 9, 2008, with the name of Transformers Unlockables which was made for the Xbox 360 on live Xbox marketplace. After making this content, the players was able to access all unlock items such as bonus characters, skins, items and upgrades etc. When you go through PlayStation 2 version of transformers, you will come to know certain facts. That is, the game consists of same features and also the game-play is same. This version and other game versions are alike. But it did not have great graphics like the previous version.

After discussing these versions, we cannot miss Wii version. This version is different from other versions. It has different controls for movement and attacks. You can use controllers with your both hands. The graphics of Wii version had less resolution than Xbox 360 and the PC. But it has more details than PlayStation 2 version.

Portable PlayStation:

The transformers game of the PSP was different from its console versions. The console versions have two sides of the storyline and the player can choose the side of its own choice. But the PSP version does not have more than one storyline. In console versions, the player can also play from the total of 23 players. Some of the characters are from previous generations. In PSP version, the game only has the most playable characters. It also has a different and non-related story from other game versions.


The story of the Autobots starts with Bumblebee which lands on earth in the form of a Camaro. He defends himself by defeating a group of Decepticon drones. After that, Decepticons tried to attack Sam and his girlfriend, Mikaela Banes. Then Bumblebee saves both of them. Then there is a battle occur between Bumblebee and Barricade in the meanwhile, Mikaela and Sam escape. Bumblebee defeats Decepticons and finds Mikaela and his boyfriend Sam. After meeting Bumblebee, they thank him for saving their lives. Optimus tries to contact Bumblebee, after contacting him, Optimus tells him that Sam has something which has the location of AllSpark. The purpose of telling him is that he should protect Sam at any cost.

Transformers Games Main Characters

Then several characters like Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Ratchet land on earth. They contact Sam, Bumblebee and Mikaela. Sam provides the glasses of his grandfather which was the artifact. Then Optimus tells the mission of Autobots on earth to Mikaela and Sam. They also want to get AllSpark which is a source of life and power for all transformers. It is also an artifact. All of them will use to give power to Cybertron which is the homeland of transformers. Ratchet also tells that the grandfather of Sam found their enemy who is a leader of Decepticons that is, Megatron. He was available in Arctic.

Megatron hides the information of AllSpark in the glasses of the grandfather of Sam. Then Decepticons will be able to find AllSpark. Prime gives an order to Jazz robot that creates a new way for Mikaela and Sam so that they will make an escape. Ironhide saves Jazz in sector 7 and also defeats several drones. After beating drones, Ironhide learns that sector 7 is trying to catch Bumblebee. Optimus Prime tries to save his friend but he does not get success in doing so. His friend is taken away by sector 7.

Sequels of Transformers Game online:

The Transformers games online are also giving sequels of the game which comes after the sequel of the film. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Vicarious Visions tries to develop two games of DS. After that Savage Entertainment made the PSP version. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version are made by Luxoflux. After all this process, Krome Studios made Wii and PlayStation 2 versions. The second sequel of the game that is, Transformers: Dark of the Moon was made in the month of June in 2011.